Description Edit

Sunako Nakahara is the niece of Mine Nakahara. She is one of the protagonist of the anime. She is the girl that Mine ordered the boys to change the personality. She is a lover of dark things like horror and violent movies (often zombie and witch movies shown in the anime),dark dolls(She talks to them and thinks that they answer her) , and dark rooms.

Background Edit

She was a nice girl before, until one day when she was refused by a man she liked and who called her an "ugly woman" and said that he did'nt liked ugly women. Because of the trauma, she liked dark things until then. She liked dark rooms, dark dolls, horror and violent movies and all that has influence with violence and horror. She often creeps the boys because of her scary personality. She is often described as witch or monsters by the boys.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Age: 16-17

Hair:Black, long

Eyes:Crimson Violet

Occupation: Student

Relationships: The boys(Kyouhei Takano, Takenaga Oda, Ranmaru Morii), Mine Nakahara , Noi Nakahara

She likes all the dark influences. From movies to dolls and violence.


In the anime series, she often changes shape into a small kid-like character.

Sometimes, when she is angry or depressed she changes into a witch like creature.


.sunako is actually like sudako,like her appearance in the story she is like a ghost-like girl like sudako.