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Nakahara Sunako

Nakahara Sunako is one of the main characters of the series.

Two years before the start of the story, Sunako was one of those ordinary girls in her age. But after that incident when she confessed her feelings to a guy that she liked and was rejected, she locked herslf away from the world and vowed to eternal solititude. From then on, she became a lover of horror movies, anatomical dolls and anything that normal people wouldn't have; her interest resulted in her distorted view of reality and isolation contributed to her low self esteem. But apart from those, she is talented, intelligent and a good cook, that, as Hiroshi puts it, "she'll definitely become a good mother". She is also an exceptionally good fighter that she saved her friends many times. And that, by living with Kyouhei and the other boys, she gradually interacts with other people and sheds her antisocial tendencies.